“you went “above and beyond” in order to work through issues”

“The house was listed on June 10 and the sale was completed and closed on July 20. It doesn’t get much better than that! This would not have happened without your expert guidance and can-do attitude. I believe that one factor in the quick sale (at above asking price) was your advice and guidance in preparing the house for showing. Then there were the many occasions on which you went “above and beyond” in order to work through issues and help with all of the logistics necessary for a quick closing (and saved us some money in the process). This was especially helpful, since we wound up moving out of state prior to closing. My favorite is when I mentioned to you that we were pressed for time and might not be able to dispose of the paint cans in the basement. You were in our driveway that day, loading up dozens of paint cans into your car – problem solved. I’m not sure what you did with them, but this was typical of your constant efforts to help us to do what needed to be done in order to make the deal work in the compressed timeframe (since the buyers wanted to close quickly, as did we).

Thanks again for your sound advice and frequent assistance in making this deal work. Feel free to share this with others. I would also be happy to provide a personal recommendation if any of your customers or prospective customers would like to speak with me.”


Roger Y. Allen

Roger Y. Allen